IoT for Products and Services

If IoT connectivity is an integral component of your product or service, whose ongoing cost will be met in full or part by you, Trinsic can provide the connectivity and infrastructure you need.

IoT connectivity for products and services is taken as an overhead

The Internet of Things is already beginning to transform the provision of products and services for consumers, manufacturers, and service providers. In the years ahead, however, with the arrival of 5G, a landslide of transformation will occur, with brown and white goods, vehicles, in-home monitors, street furniture, and hand-held devices used by every kind of inspector, agent, guard, carer and other service agent exchanging data around the clock with Cloud servers and applications.

As a Vodafone Level One IoT Connectivity Partner, Trinsic is already providing in-product connectivity to one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.

Trinsic can provide you with the optimum connectivity and deals for situations in which your product or service uses IoT connection in order to operate, but providing this is an ongoing, or at least fixed period longer term, cost to you. Examples of this kind of model might be the SIMs used by motor cars to monitor and report system conditions, or those used by hospital medical equipment to report data.

IoT where some or all of the connectivity is paid for by the end user

For many existing services and products, as well as for the innumerable evolutions and wholly new offerings that will come about in the next few years, IoT connectivity, in all or part, will be paid for on an ongoing basis, by the end user.

Trinsic is already working with manufacturers and service providers in a number of sectors on providing connectivity for these models.

IoT in Healthcare

Imagine the case of a healthcare monitoring device in which the end user pays a subscription to a healthcare provider for their heart or other vital signs to be monitored continuously. In this case, the IoT connectivity would be likely to be paid ongoing by the end user.

Working with Trinsic is a partnership where we can help you and your customers find the perfect IoT solution.

IoT in Automotive

Now think about a motor car which uses IoT connectivity to report systems data back to the manufacturer, while at the same time offering information and entertainment to the driver and passengers. In this case the connectivity supporting systems data reporting might reasonably be an ongoing cost to the car manufacturer, while that being used for entertainment would be a cost to the end user. In either case, Trinsic can deliver connectivity solutions that are technically optimal and highly competitive on cost.

Trinsic enjoys a level 1 IoT Connectivity Partnering with Vodafone. With access to Vodafone’s best-in-class GDSP service platform, we are able to build effective and viable solutions for you by cross-connecting Vodafone’s connectivity offerings with your precise requirements.

Under the aegis of our specialist Trinsic Commercial Car brand, we are currently engaged with Vodafone in providing precisely this service to a leading European automotive manufacturer, enabling both infotainment and telematics to be delivered to and from new vehicles supplied in some 22 countries.

The IoT connectivity you need in your products and services

We may only be at the very beginning of IoT connectivity as a commonplace commodity requirement in maintaining your day to day business operations.

Trinsic is ready to talk to you about what you need and how best to organise your connectivity – and of course your supplier relationship – for assured service quality and cost-effectiveness.