Unified Communications

A Unified communication solution from Trinsic brings together the key elements of business connectivity, telephony (mobile & fixed), presence, conferencing and instant messaging in one package. It allows your business to have call control and multimodal communications across your users seamlessly that allows for essential work away from the office possible.

Flexible working … sorted

A Unified communications solution allows for flexible working in and away from the business by having complete control over your communications in one central place, with one simple bill.


The control to route calls to specific teams, or based on people’s location or skills, so they’re always answered by the person best equipped to handle them.


If it is merited by your requirement, we can provide multi-network SIMs, allowing you to switch networks in the event of network connectivity problems.

It is also possible to consider installing in-building telecoms at your business premises, to protect you – at that site – against the possibility of local transmitter failure.


Link all your devices to one customer facing number for all calls and allow customers to call you back and be put through to that same business number.


In general, there’s not too much to go wrong with your mobile connectivity at a local level.

A system failure will generally be a network problem which, while frustrating, will affect other users equally.

In the case of failures to individual handsets, your Trinsic Account Manager will arrange swift swap outs for you.

Connecting your people and places

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