Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

Your customers have invested in their pride and joy. Now, they need the peace of mind knowing that it’s safe: The Thatcham Accredited – S5, Trinsic Connected Car® – Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) solution from Vodafone Automotive monitors their vehicle, so they don’t have to.

Only the best will do

Mobile Application

With the “My Connected Car” mobile application, you can access and manage a number of your vehicle security and safety functions remotely. “My Connected Car” provides easy access to vehicle information such as real-time vehicle location, directions to the vehicle and geofence ability.

The speed of setup for your customers ensure a higher adoption rate than with alternative solutions currently available.

  • Live Vehicle Location– Including satellite Google Maps viewing
  • Trip Reports– See your latest and historical journeys including distance travelled as well as average and max. speed
  • Car Finder Route (driving and walking)– Car finder shows you the quickest way to get back to your vehicle
  • Geofence– Set a geofence zone and receive an in-app notification if vehicle enters or leaves that area
  • Special Modes– Simply activate Garage Mode or Transport Mode with ease
  • Speed Alert– Set a specific speed limit and receive an in-app notification if you exceed that limit
  • SOS Button– Direct to the Vodafone Automotive Secure Operating Centre
  • Multiple Vehicles– Up to 10 vehicles available in one account
  • Self-diagnosis– Perform your own system health check

Pinpoint GPS Tracking

Accurate to within 10 metres.

Trinsic is the exclusive partner of Vodafone Global to provide this solution across all of the existing 22 markets as well as entry into new markets. Through our combined experience we can support with a go-to-market plan from a single market to an entire region.

European Coverage as Standard

Local language Police liaison and recovery across 54 countries

Insurance Approved

Approved by major insurers

Tow-Away Alert

Triggered when motion is detected with the ignition switched off.

Theft History

In the event of a theft, our minute-by-minute theft tracking helps the Police secure convictions

International GSM Coverage

Roaming SIM card gives coverage across more than 180 countries.

Tamper Alert

Activated when the system battery is disconnected or discharged, or when the system wiring is cut.

System Health Check

Regular automatic self diagnostic check.

Special Modes

Activate Garage Mode or Transport Mode at the click of a button.

Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR)

Alerts the response teams immediately if your vehicle is stolen, even if the thief has your keys.

Trinsic your connectivity partner

We believe in being more than a partner; we are a team delivering bespoke solutions to help your business thrive.

With our experience in the Automotive and Telecoms industries we will work together to put in place the best connected mobility solution for you and your customers.