Infotainment Connectivity

Your Infotainment solution can be a brand differentiator, but your customers won’t experience the fully immersive experience without connectivity. Working with Trinsic Connected Car® we can leverage our partnership with the best in breed Global IoT platform and our experience to provide you with an infotainment connectivity solution that meets both yours and your customers needs.

Give your customers the experience they deserve

Global Scale

Built on one of the largest IoT platforms in the world – Vodafone’s Global Data Service Platform (GDSP), and home to over 100 million devices worldwide. This enables us to roll out a solution with you across multiple markets with ease, without the need setup new relationships and contracts in each market.

Trinsic is the exclusive partner of Vodafone Global to provide this solution across all of the existing 22 markets as well as entry into new markets. Through our combined experience we can support with a go-to-market plan from a single market to an entire region.

Seamless Movement

Reliable data connection with seamless movement between countries. Your customers will be able to use your connectivity solution in over 40 countries.

Because the IoT SIM’s or eSIM’s are not country specific there is no need for complicated changes from country to country. Once installed and setup your customers will have a seamless experience when moving between countries as well as no unexpected costly surprises.


The speed of setup for your customers ensure a higher adoption rate than with alternative solutions currently available.

With the continuous improvements being deployed on the platform, where a lengthy & complicated process might have existed it is now a quick and painfree route to getting online. There is even options to allow for identification proxying from existing systems to speed this process up even further.

Secure & Transparent

Customer portal providing:

  • Transparency on data usage, allowance and time remaining
  • Simple competitive renewal options with revenue sharing commercial terms.

Local Support

In-country telephone support teams with native language.

Fully Compliant

The solution is fully compliant in all available markets allowing you to move swiftly with the reassurance that all local regulations and laws are adhered to.

APN Splitting

Whether your in-car infotainment solution requires two, three or even four-way splitting of APN’s our platform can accomodate this.

We understand that with the immersive in-car experience you have the need for data connecting the telematics, head unit infotainment & streaming as well as Wi-Fi hotspots. We can customise the solution to separate or group each of these channels to allow you to manage your costs and remain fully compliant for open internet.

Trinsic your connectivity partner

We believe in being more than a partner; we are a team delivering bespoke solutions to help your business thrive.

With our experience in the Automotive and Telecoms industries we will work together to put in place the best connected mobility solution for you and your customers.