Our Team

Darren Webb, Managing Director

Darren Webb is a telecoms industry leader with over 25 years of experience. He began his career in business-to-business communications in 1995 and went on to co-found Vodafone’s largest Channel Partner and was awarded Sunday Times Tech Track 100 Company in two consecutive years during his time with the company.

In 2014, Trinsic was established to deliver customer-centric communications solutions and bring together enterprise communications, professional services, and innovations. Darren is passionate about using technology to improve the world. He believes that Trinsic can lead in this effort by using the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Economy of Things (EoT) to create a brighter, better-connected future.

With a strong advocate for using technology to solve real-world problems, Darren is particularly interested in using telecoms solutions such as IoT to improve healthcare and transportation. He believes that the IoT can help to make these sectors more efficient, effective, and accessible. Darren is a strong believer in the power of collaboration. He believes that the IoT can only be truly successful if it is used by a wide range of stakeholders and is committed to working with partners from all sectors to create a better future for everyone.

“At Trinsic, we believe that the IoT and EoT have the potential to transform the way we live and work. We are committed to using these technologies to create a more sustainable, efficient, and equitable world.”

Darren Webb, Managing Director

Andrew Kandiah, Director of Public Sector and Healthcare

Andrew is an expert in healthcare and social care services with over 30 years of experience in the technology and healthcare sectors. He is passionate about bringing great technology and process together to transform the experience for service users in both a private and public setting.

Andrew has a proven track record of success in leading and delivering innovative digital solutions that deliver efficient, effective, and safe care to patients and service users. In 2016, he joined a healthcare group and transformed them from a locally based healthcare provider with revenues of £12m to the national provider they are today with revenues of £50m+. During this time, the business achieved a CQC rating of Good and the Cyber Essentials Plus standard. Andrew also developed and launched a virtual ward product using AI and the latest IoT technology.

In 2004, Andrew programme managed the deployment of the NHS Direct Programme and then later transformed the model to the 111 service that we know today for a national healthcare group. In 2020, he mobilised the Police Custody Healthcare Service for Hampshire, where he developed patient pathways for vulnerable adults with mental health and housing issues. This experience further galvanized Andrew’s expertise in bringing health and social care together.

Andrew has also managed various compliance programs such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CQC Audit, and Cyber Essentials for Trinsic. His combined knowledge of people, processes, and technology enables him to be a vital component of the Trinsic Professional Services Team.

“Connectivity is essential for modern healthcare. It allows us to connect patients, providers, and data in ways that were never possible. Resilient and secure communication systems can improve the quality of care, reduce costs, and help make excellent healthcare more accessible to everyone.”

Andrew Kandiah, Director of Public Sector and Healthcare