Do you find times when you need to check mobile signal strength in a particular area on a specific network? It could when you are looking at moving office, moving home or even need to work in a remote location. OFCOM may have the answer. Using data provided by the mobile networks combined with their own testing, OFCOM have recently launched an online mobile coverage checker that can provide you with an indication of signal strength across the UK.

You can use the checker by entering the following information:

1. Location, which can be a town or post code – We found entering a post code was more reliable as it removes the possibility of duplicate place names and can pinpoint a more accurate location
2. Select the network you wish to check – Vodafone, O2, EE and Three are available
3. Select signal type from Voice, 3G and 4G
4. Select location type from Outdoor or Indoor

OFCOM Coverage check outdoor

What is particularly useful is the ability to look at likely signal strength indoors Vs outdoors as this is still where most people depend on getting a reliable signal:

OFCOM Coverage Check indoor

Whilst this utility is extremely useful in providing an indication of likely signal strength it shouldn’t be taken as ‘gospel’ with regards to the strength of mobile signal and reliability of service as there are many other local factors that can affect this. There is nothing quite like visiting the area yourself, with your mobile and trying out voice and data connectivity.

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